Cell TSAE (Traffic Shaping Algorithm Engine) is a part of unique firmware in Cell CRiOS and Cell IPPE generic platform. It is our proprietary IP QoS (Quality of Service) engine and traffic management technology for protecting from Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks and securing higher priority of IP service class for business customer.

This innovative technology is well recognized and funded by our Hong Kong SAR Government's Innovation & Technology Commission.

TSAE combines unique network processor design with Cell CRiOS and Cell IPPE. It is designed by class-base packet queuing algorithm which can support multi-thousands of small queues, queue in queue (Q in Q) capability, and multi-levels of queues. The system performance can achieve up to 10Gbps with obtaining different IP service classes. With this technology, the other key features such as traffic control and management, traffic monitoring, triple-play service class, policy management and etc are developed.

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